Why You Should Use Homemade Products for Your Hair

Why You Should Use Homemade Products for Your Hair

    A Cost-effective, Creative and Proven Alternative

    Homemade hair care offers you a guarantee that you cannot find in purchasing commercial products. Although many products are marketed as natural’ in stores and online, they often come with a high price tag or unnecessary hidden ingredients and fillers. Much like preparing a home-cooked meal, there is nothing safer or more satisfying than hand-making your very own shampoo and conditioner with ingredients you may already have in your pantry, fridge and/or garden.

    More and more people have delved into making their own hair care products for great reason. The ingredients used contain wonderful benefits and the creative preparation process, like a craft with therapeutic effects, is enjoyable. The aromatic properties of essential oils are used for many health and wellness purposes and more people are beginning to integrate them into their lifestyle through various means, including hair and body care.

    Practical and Flexible Freedom of Choice

    Imagine the pleasure and independence you will have when you make your own hair care products – you are able to decide on every ingredient used, with specialized recipes tailored to your specific problem or hair type. Consider what it really means to have no unknown and harmful substances in your shampoo or conditioner. The end result will be 100% organic and you'll have the opportunity to be creative and ingenious with your products.

    Feel free to experiment with new combinations; you can carefully decide on ingredients – essential oils and other raw materials – you should use according to what you already know works for you. Creating hair care products at home can become a real hobby for many people, and the results: totally worth it!

    Put a Stop to the Sea of Toxins (and Keep Healthy!)

    With homemade hair care products, you will avoid the many dreaded toxins and detergents inevitably present in synthetic alternatives and your hair will reap the benefits of a much more soothing and gentle treatment. Homemade shampoos will cleanse your hair just as well as any other chemical-laden shampoos without irritating your scalp or stripping away natural sebum –essential in nourishing the hair from its root.

    Do note that other lifestyle choices can have an impact on your hair’s health in conjunction with these organic body care recipes. For instance, it has been shown that a diet rich in plant-based foods (a colorful rainbow of fruits and vegetables), maintaining healthy gut balance, ample exercise, plenty of water, and keeping nutritional deficiencies and hormonal balance in check can positively contribute to beautiful, healthy hair.

    An Easily Available Hair Care Solution

    Homemade hair care is suitable for anyone, even for those who don’t want to create complicated mixtures or purchase many new products. For instance, you can use ingredients you might already have in your own kitchen and/or garden, whilst only purchasing a couple of essential oil varieties with which you can experiment. Many people find simple solutions for their hair using olive oil, avocado or herbal infusions. Essential oils mixed and diluted with oils and other plant-based elements are fantastic for a multitude of uses. Read on to discover the myriad of benefits you’ll receive when you choose to create the cruelty-free essential oils formulas presented in this book.

    What Essential Oils Can Do for Your Hair

    You are probably wondering, ‘Why use essential oils?’ in your shampoo or conditioner.‘Will my hair get too greasy?’ and‘What if I already have oily hair?’

    The Optimal Nourishing Formula for Your Scalp and hair growth

    First of all, essential oils are very concentrated – you can find potent versions of many plants or fruits in the form of an essential oil. Secondly, they contain an amazingly high level of antioxidants that you can obtain by using them in your homemade products. The beneficial properties in essential oils make your hair shiny, silky, and more vibrantly healthy; plus, the rich antioxidant content helps boosts hair growth and hair repair processes, which may encourage you to discard any useless, synthetic serums.

    Essential oils do not negatively affect your scalp or sebum, particularly when used in conjunction with the right companion ingredients. In fact, some people may already have an imbalance of natural oils due to the past use of various styling products. Essential oil will help regulate your hair’s natural oil production by replenishing your scalp and, additionally, nourishing your hair from root to tip. Essential oils are very easily absorbed, deeply penetrate the hair follicle and nourish it to the core. Artificial products you can find in stores often contain a composition that doesn’t allow any ‘good’ ingredients to be properly absorbed by your hair – a cocktail of synthetic elements that often keeps the product sticking to the surface of the hair shaft

    Exhilarating Aromatherapy for Your Wellbeing

    Last, but not least, essential oils evoke an enticing feast for your senses. Aromatherapy is an added advantage in using essential oils in your homemade hair care. Not only will your hair regenerate and become healthier, but you will also revel in a vigorous wellness experience. Being surrounded by the powerful aroma of essential oils will positively affect your state of mind, and at the same time, the aromatherapy can be used for mindfulness: the intense scents will activate your senses and compel you to yield completely to the present moment.

    How to Use Essential Oils

    Due to their high potency and concentration, it is important to use essential oils correctly and sparingly by remembering to dilute with carrier oils or other plant-based ingredients. Some common carrier oil types that are affordable and easy to find include: olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil. Choose your favorite carrier oil to dilute the essential oils of your choice and you’ll be amazed at the powerful cumulative effect and added benefits they will have on your hair.

    As a general rule, every 1 drop of essential oil should be diluted with at least5ml of carrier oil or other fluid (with the exception of a few essential oils that can be used ‘neat’ or direct onto the skin, such as lavender or tea tree).


    Do not ingest essential oils and keep out of reach of children and pets. Ensure essential oils do not come into contact with your eyes and use with caution if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or have any pre-existing medical conditions. If you have any sensitivities or concerns about any of the ingredients in this book, ensure you try a patch test first.

    Choosing Cruelty-free Ingredients is a Conscious Choice

    There Are Cruelty-free Alternatives for Practically Anything

    One of the key components of the recipes in this book is the use of vegan and cruelty-free ingredients to ensure none of our furry friends are exploited or harmed in the pursuit of beauty. In case you are accustomed to several ingredients that are of an animal origin (such as honey, eggs or yogurt), rest assured you can always find alternative substitutes with comparable and even more effective benefits (such as moisturizing coconut milk, nutrient-packed maple syrup, and antioxidant-rich fresh fruits), as outlined throughout this book.

    The ‘Green’ Ethical Choice

    The most important aspects of choosing cruelty-free ingredients for hair care are for ethical and environmental reasons. Did you know that every person who adopts a cruelty-free lifestyle (through means of diet, apparel, and cosmetics) saves more than 100 animals per year? It’s amazing to think that our small, day-to-day choices could save the lives of countless beautiful animals. The production and processing of animal ingredients also place an added impact of stress on our environment. By making conscious choices, you are contributing to a ‘green’ lifestyle for the improvement and good of our earth and all those inhabiting it.



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