Homemade Hair Bleach

Homemade Hair Bleach

    10 Natural Recipes To Lighten Hair Naturally

    For everyone who wants to lighten her hair color without the need for chemicals in this article and exclusively on the first Arab diet in the world of health and beauty grace know the most important natural recipes that help in lightening hair color: Lemon - Salt - Vinegar - Henna powder - Vitamin C - Cinnamon - Baking soda - Round - Tea - Honey and Vinegar

    Hair lightening

    Women are distinguished by black hair and wheaty skin, and often we find that women who live in temperate regions reduce the sharpness of their hair color so that according to the color index of hair is limited between black and brown colors in limited degrees, so we find that the task of Arab women in matching fashion in lightening hair and getting The color required is a difficult task compared to women with naturally light hair color.

    Naturally lightening hair

    Do you want to lighten your hair without using chemicals or dyes, there are many home recipes using the natural ingredients in your kitchen which are less expensive and you can use them more than once due to the lack of chemicals that cause hair damage. Here are a few different ways you can try:

    1. Honey and Vinegar:

    Honey recipe helps to keep hair from drying you need:

    • Two cups of vinegar

    • A cup of raw honey

    • 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil

    Mix the ingredients together and then apply them to your hair. You can use a brush or comb to make sure it is evenly distributed across the hair. Luffy your hair in a plastic wrap. Or a shower cap, swimming or just a towel around your head. There is no need to sit in the sunlight. This mixture works because honey has a small trace of hydrogen peroxide which is the lightening agent. Cinnamon and olive oil helps to enhance the effect of lightning.

    2. Tea:

    Chamomile tea specifically, is a factor in making hair shiny and shiny. You can use black tea if you like, but chamomile offers a number of properties that help keep your hair smooth and healthy.

    You need:

    • Teabag

    • Water

    You can simply boil water and put the tea bag for 10 minutes.
    Once the tea has cooled, rinse your hair with it and leave it for 15 minutes.
    You may want to do this 2 or 3 times before shampooing and then rinsing it for shiny and strong hair.

    3. Round:

    Rhubarb is a good choice during the summer. It costs nothing. You can buy rhubarb in the grocery or market. To lighten hair with rhubarb

    You need:

    • ¼ cup chopped rhubarb

    • 2 cups water

    Boil the rhubarb, then let it cool completely.

    Use it when rinsing. Leave it on for about 10 minutes, then rinse with water only.

    4. Baking soda:

    Baking soda strips your hair of chemical build-up and can be used as a lightening agent as well. This takes longer than other methods, but if you use baking soda on your hair once a week, it will help get rid of harmful chemicals and also naturally lighten your hair color over time.

    5. Cinnamon:

    Cinnamon is not only lightening but also has a wonderful aroma.

    Just take:

    • Cinnamon powder

    • Hair conditioner

    Apply a small handful of cinnamon powder to the conditioner evenly and apply it to your hair from top to bottom. You can use the shower cap to knot your hair, leave the mixture for two or three hours, then rinse with shampoo. This mixture is completely safe for hair that can be used more than once if you want to see the difference.

    6. Vitamin C:

    Vitamin C opens the hair and helps to keep it healthy. Just use about 8 or 9 vitamin C tablets, puree them and mix them with your favorite shampoo.

    7. Henna powder:

    You need

    • Henna powder

    • Chamomile

    • Boiling water

    To mix equal amounts of each powder to make the dough thick then add boiling water. Leave it to cool and then put it on your hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic bag on your hair and leave the mixture for about an hour - note that if you have darker hair, you can leave it for up to 2 hours. Remove the plastic and rinse the mixture well from your hair.

    8. Vinegar:

    Apple cider vinegar works to lighten hair and eliminate dandruff and make it shine. Put a cup of vinegar and 6 cups of water, rinse your hair and leave for at least 15 minutes.

    9. Salt:

    You can mix salt with water or swim in saltwater, to lighten your hair mix a tablespoon of salt with about six cups of water and apply it to hair. Leave it for 15 minutes, then rinse.

    10. Lemon:

    Lemon adds luster, shine and lightening in a short time. You can mix a cup of water with about two tablespoons of lemon juice and apply it to your hair. Sit in the sun until your hair dries.

    Tips for beautiful Hair:

    Best Hair Oil For Frizzy Hair

    Massage for a long time while washing and before applying shampoo, to grow better.

    Try using hair thickening shampoo to give it thick hair look and alternate between it and frequent washing shampoo.

    - Pass the hairbrush on the hair before bed to rid it of dust and to permanently ventilate it.

    Use a wooden hairbrush with rounded ends and natural fibers to protect hair from hair fall.

    Trim the ends of your hair every now and then to avoid breaking the hair.

    If your hair is light, avoid frequent dye and lightening in color.

    Eat foods that improve hair quality and strength and are found in animal proteins ……….

    - For natural highlighting, squeeze six lemons and mix them with water, then place them on your hair and sit in a place where you are exposed to direct sunlight.

    On the other hand, the hair dye affects it, damages it and opens the pores of the skin of the head, so the hair becomes dull, rough and difficult to dissolve, without vitality, so it needs you to take special care to shine again. For beautiful and shiny hair, follow these tips:

    It is necessary to wash dyed hair with a special shampoo that protects the hair and prolongs the dyeing time.

    - You must leave for 3 weeks between dye and permanent. If you dye your hair first, the permanent corrects the color and brightens it after the dye.

    It is better to color the hair in winter and spring and avoid coloring it in the summer because the sun faded in color, but if you dye your hair to hide gray hair, you can do so at any time.

    Before you start dyeing, do not forget to read the instructions on the box to apply it carefully, and it is recommended that the hairdresser dye your hair, unless you are an expert in that.




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