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    Statistics show that the global haircare market is estimated to reach 85.5billion US dollars by the end of 2017, and is estimated to reach the 100billion US dollar mark by the year 2023. That’s a 15-billion US dollar increase or about 17% growth in six years.

    Consumers are now more aware of the need and importance of hairstyling and care and are looking for more hair care products.

    The increased awareness of the bad effects of chemicals on hair led to the soaring popularity of herbal care products.

    How important is it to give your hair proper care?

    Importance of hair care

    You have all heard the cliché “your hair is your crowning glory”. Your hair can make you look attractive or unattractive depending on how you style it.

    After a flawless skin, your hair plays an important role in your physical appearance. The style and cut of your hair can tell a lot about you as a person.

    If you style your hair regularly, chances are your hair strands could become brittle and split. Some hair care products can cause dryness and scalp itchiness

    However, you can minimize damage to your hair by following these simple hair care regimen:

    • Regularly wash your hair. When washing your hair, make sure that you massage your scalp to keep them clean and healthy. A clean and healthy scalp will make your hair healthy

    • Choose the right hair care aid. A lot of hair care products contain harsh chemical ingredients that can damage your hair. It is important that you use products with natural-based ingredients.

    • If you need to use a blow-dryer, put the setting on low heat to dry your hair to minimize heat damage

    • Give your hair a break. With so many hair care products available in the market today, hair styling has been made easy. While it is understandable that you style your hair when you need to go out, you need to give your hair a break by going natural.

    • Trim your hair. Your hair is like grass that grows over time just like grass, it needs a good trimming every now and then to maintain its healthy ends.

    • Feed your hair. Believe it or not, your hair needs sustenance. Protein, vitamins, and mineral-rich foods help your hair grow and develop.

    • Lastly, give your hair a hot oil treatment. Pamper your hair by giving it a hot oil treatment to make your hair shiny and less prone to damage.

    Unfortunately, styling your hair and the use of chemical-based styling aids can lead to hair damage and eventually hair loss.

    Common hair problems

    Whatever style of hair you may have, you cannot escape having a bad hair day at one point in your life.

    Here are some of the most common hair problems that men and women alike suffer from every day if not at one point in their life.

    Dry, brittle hair is due to the lack of moisture in your hair can lead to other hair problems like split ends, falling hair or frizzy hair. This is normally caused by prolonged exposure to heat like the sun or electric styling tools.

    Limp hair, other than medical-related reasons is also caused by hair care products build up. If you are using shampoo or conditioner that is heavy on the hair, this will build up over time making your hair lifeless and without volume.

    Split ends are the most common hair problem. When your hair becomes dry and brittle, the hair cuticle is damaged, causing the ends to split. Excessive hairstyling, blowdrying, hair coloring and straightening are some of the major causes of split ends

    Dandruff and flaky scalp cause itchiness. Your scalp is where your hair is rooted. It is the bed of your hair and it needs proper washing and care just as much as your hair. Excessive use of chemical-based hair care products can cause the skin on your scalp to dry leaving flakes to form. Lack of nutrients can also cause your scalp to get dry.

    Dull hair is due to a lack of moisture in your hair. Lack of protein, vitamins, and minerals from eating the right food can cause to the lack of natural moisture and shine of your hair. Chemical build-up from hair care products can also cause your hair to become dull and limp.

    Heat damaged hair is caused by prolonged exposure to the sun and the excessive use of blow dryer. No matter how healthy your hair is, excessive exposure to heat can cause your hair to become dry and brittle. Eventually, this could lead to other hair problems.

    Gray hair appears as part of the signs of aging. But, younger folks may exhibit gray hair, too. Exposure to heat, smoke, dirt, and chemicals can cause your hair to get damaged and become gray. Lack of essential vitamins and minerals can also lead to gray hair. Medical conditions that require radiation treatment is also known to cause gray hair.

    Falling Hair or Hair Loss is another common problem. Falling hair is caused by using the wrong hair care product and an unhealthy scalp. If you are under chemotherapy treatment, hair loss occurs due to the exposure to radiation. Other health conditions that can cause hair loss include alopecia, severe infections, surgery and, using of antidepressants.

    Hair and Scalp Treatments

    Hair and scalp problems can be treated. If you want to maintain shiny, healthy hair, eat healthy. Food nourishes your entire body including your hair.

    Avoid the use of chemical-based hair care products. If you feel that your shampoo is causing your hair problem, switch to a different brand or type.

    The popularity of a brand is not a guarantee that it is a good product.

    There are plenty of natural-based ingredients hair products in the market such as herbal hair oil-infused products, although they can prove to be a bit expensive.

    If you are keen on going natural, you can make your own herbal hair oil infusion and this book will teach you how.


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